Saturday, November 18, 2006

'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey

All Things Considered, November 16, 2005 · Over the past two years, Howard Dully has embarked on a quest to discover the story behind the lobotomy procedure he received as a 12-year-old boy. This story inspired a multitude of reactions from listeners.

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Chris, who listens to KCFR in Colorado:

"'My Lobotomy' was the latest in a seven-year history of NPR driveway moments for me. As a child of the '70s, lobotomies never seemed [to me] to be things that people had actually endured -- they were the subjects of punk rock songs and jokes, never personal tragedies. This story touched me in a way that no story I've yet heard in print or radio news ever has. The climax of the interview is a testament to the boundless courage and compassion that is capable of the interviewer, the victim of a terrible decision at a time when such decisions were always absolute. As he manages to comfort and console his own father for allowing the procedure to have been performed on him, I was truly made humble before such an act of pure love. It was an overwhelming thing to witness. I just hope the victim's father can someday see that too. Thanks NPR for giving voice to such a talented man and a brave son."

Philip, who listens to WUNC in Chapel Hill, N.C.:
"I was immediately captivated by the emotion and delivery of Mr. Dully explaining his lobotomy experience. His long-awaited discussion with his dad about the parents' decision to pursue the operation was absolutely riveting. When I got home, I immediately had to listen to the story in its entirety online. This is an unbelievable epic telling of a horrible story that affected so many people!"

Robin, who listens to KPBX in Spokane, Wash.:
"After work, I was driving from my home to the barn where my horse is stabled when the 'My Lobotomy' story began to air...I am listening to the story as I drive and becoming more fascinated and horrified with each passing minute... This story [had] me frozen in place. I don't think I will ever get this man's story out of my head..."

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